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Hurricane Irma

Jib Sail On Deck

We spent the last couple of days prepping¬†Good Karma¬†for a potential encounter with hurricane Irma. Right now the weather is great in nearly calm wind with little rain. It’s very hot and muggy making the labor of getting the boat ready difficult. But it’s about done now.

Irma is looking to pass north of Puerto Rico but as a major hurricane with winds over 110 mph. The Marina may get up to 45 mph winds, we’ve been in those but not as sustained and not with a bunch of other boats around us. Good news is the marina workers are great. We won’t be on the boat if the winds get that high.

Irma is projected to pass over the Marina between Wednesday and Thursday. More to come:

Projected Path as of Noon Sunday

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  • If you need, this area has an excellent reputation as a good hurricane hole. We stopped here on the way to Palmas and found it was surrounded by mangoes and really good holding: 17.934777, -66.242399 We can see why this is a run to place for locals. There is room for a lot of boats and because of the mangoes even if a boat drags there could be minimal damage.

    I know of a couple of cruisers who have anchored here in a nasty blow and had no issues.

    Good luck. Hope Irma passes without issue. Be safe.

    Mark and Cindy
    sv Cream Puff

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for the recommendation but our insurance would not be valid if we did that. We’re tied down pretty well and Paloma’s is supposed to be one of the better places to be. The marina is turning people away now, the dock guys can’t handle more boats. We’re optimistic, but it will be what it is!