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Mark’s Bio

Mark Scott-Nash is a Colorado native, now living on the sailing vessel Good Karma with his wife Shelly, somewhere in the oceans of the world. He has extensive experience in all aspects of mountaineering and technical climbing, ranging from the local Colorado mountains to the great ranges of the world. He has taught climbing from the basic level through advanced mountaineering, worked intermittently as a climbing guide and helped establish a climbing school.

Mark has written extensively about the human experience with the wilderness: Issues relating to the mountain environment, adventure stories, politics and events. He has written magazine articles for Mountain Gazette, Alpinist, Rock and Ice, and worked a 10 year stint contributing an outdoor recreation oriented column for the Boulder Daily Camera. He is the author of four books, Forty Demons: One Man’s Astonishing Vision Quest to Save the World, The Insolent Guide to Northern Colorado Mountains (eBook), Colorado Fourteener Disasters: Victims of the Game (now in it’s second edition), Playing for Real: Stories from Rocky Mountain Rescue. Each of these books is available via the links provided on the right side of the blog page.

Mark has lead or participated in 14 international expeditions to the Himalayas, Andes and Alaskan mountains which are summarized in this post. He was a volunteer mountain rescuer for ten years and has been an emergency medical technician. Mark has participated in more than one hundred mountain search and rescue missions.

When Mark finds that he has to earn a living, he works in the computer industry as a cyber security researcher. He currently holds 10 patents for devices and algorithms so esoteric and freaky that only about a dozen people on the planet would care to read them. I kid you not.