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So… I finally got my reactor power supply wired up to…power. What I mean is that I wired up a cable and plug from my high voltage box so that it’s ready for the new 240 volt socket in my garage. This box converts the 240 volts alternating current to an adjustable zero to -60,000 volts direct current to be used in my reactor.

I’ve got to admit I was a bit apprehensive about this stage. Though I am an electrical engineer, I have always been leery of high voltage like you find in power circuits. One mistake and you are toast. Burnt toast. Literally. And I mean literally burnt, not literally toast…

Strangely, I have no fear of radiation, another great hazard of this project. I have no idea why. In both cases I have the wherewithal to learn and practice safe techniques, yet for some reason there is a difference. To me, this is like mountain climbing verses caving. Though both require highly similar techniques and abilities in rope work and climbing, I love mountain climbing and will never go caving. I really don’t know why. You couldn’t pay me to go caving. Well maybe you could, depends on the amount. Let’s talk…

Anyway, lethal voltages are something you need to operate a nuclear fusion reactor. This x-ray power supply can generate all the voltage and current I need but it isn’t a complete package. I guess it was pieced out of some laboratory instrument somewhere. I bought it because it was cheap and met my needs, and expected to have to work on it a bit to get it to function, just as I have for every part of this project.

So tonight I got it wired up to my 240 volt plug. I built the orange cable and plug you see in the pics. I turned it on and it works! The pic below shows the first power-on, that box is plugged into my wall socket through the orange cable. No electrocutions or fires either which is always a plus. Now I need to finish the controller so that I can adjust that mega voltage output.

Yikes! 😉



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