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Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 4.50.03 PMFrickin’ Laser Beams!

Hey everyone, well I’ve not been in the wild much lately but I have been obsessively working in the lab. The latest two projects have been particle accelerators and lasers. The nuclear reactor is still in progress as well but I need a couple of critical items that are proving difficult to acquire. In the meantime, progress is being made on other evil projects.

One project is the first step in what I feel will be my ultimate cool experiment, a home made cyclotron.¬†It is a relatively sophisticated particle accelerator that moves subatomic particles along a circular path. It can be done and the equipment requirements are similar to what is needed for a fusion reactor. A first step is to build a linear accelerator that can be built with common parts. I was able to do this and I’ll write about it soon.

The other project has to do with lasers. Wow, I have to say that surprised and impressed at what is available to buy on the internet. I will have an entire category dedicated to these experiments. Like the radiation experiments I have been documenting, these lasers are easy to acquire and extremely dangerous. They won’t kill you but they can certainly cause devastating injuries, namely partial or total blindness.

Fun stuff!

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