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Spanish Virgins

Approaching Culebra Island

Today we arrived at our anchorage at Culebra Island. Actually, we are at Culebrita, a small island just off Culebra. We had an excellent weather day, almost no clouds and light wind and waves. Got here in 4 hours from Palomino Island where we anchored yesterday.

The snorkeling is supposed to be good here and so we jumped off the boat to check it out this afternoon. Yep, best snorkeling yet. I’ll try to get some video shot tomorrow, but there was much more coral and fish than we’ve yet found anywhere along our journey so far.

Did you know there were Spanish Virgins? You’ve probably heard of the British and U.S. virgin islands. The Spanish Virgin Islands are Culebra snd Vieques, and the small surrounding islets. They’er all U.S. territory, but they apparently acquired this moniker when Puerto Rico was Spanish territory.

Ahoy, or Arrr! for today!

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