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Outfitting a Nuclear Physics Lab


Geiger Counter Kit

Ok, it turns out that to build a nuclear fusion reactor you basically need to start with a nuclear physics lab. Since I don’t have access to one, I decided to outfit my own lab in my garage. The first order of business was to acquire a Geiger Counter, an instrument to measure radiation. I looked around on eBay and found that professional-looking Geiger Counters cost $400 and up, a bit steep. This is just one of the instruments I need and am on a budget, so instead I found a build-it-yourself kit. For $136.46 (including shipping), I can build my own Geiger Counter, saving at least $300.

A Geiger Counter is necessary for safety, to know if you are pushing into harmful radiation limits. Unfortunately this counter is not calibrated, doesn’t have a meter and the electronics would probably be destroyed if exposed to “a lot” of radiation, whatever that amount is.

But what the hell, it probably works, lol!

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