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Kayaking the Sebastian River

This is Alli (Jack Zuzack Photo)

Jack, Marie, Brad Spooner (friend from Colorado living nearby), Shelly and I did a 6-mile kayak on the Sebastian river a few days ago. Saw a couple of gators (one shown above).

Headed Up River

A Turtle

Also several turtles sunning themselves on logs as above. Several big birds as well, not sure exactly what they were but they were big. Unfortunately, we did not see the top prize we were looking for, manatees. They frequent the river but unfortunately not on that day.

The alligators were pretty cool. They just sit there and as long as you are quiet and slow, they stay still. They’re easily spooked. Supposedly they do not attack boats, but that is hearsay. The guy on the log above was about 4 or 5 feet long, not an adult yet. Might chomp a finger but not an entire limb. The gators we saw were pretty fat. Perhaps this explains the lack of manatees.

Brad spilled out of his kayak at one point. We saw about five or six giant gators rush him but we were able to beat them off with our paddles and he survived. No, really.

After all the excitement we ended up at Capt Hiram’s beach bar. Drinking beer at a bar is highly unusual for our group but we thought, what the hell, let’s try it once just to say we did it.

Capt Hiram’s (L to R: Me, Marie, Jack, Brad)

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