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Crescent of Sun in Pinhole Viewer

At around 3 pm today I noticed that the sunlight was kind of dim and thought there must be another rain squall coming. I looked outside and no, not a cloud in sight. It was the eclipse. Even in Palmas, PR it was an 84 percent partial eclipse, enough to make the lighting really weird. The photo above is a pinhole viewer, basically you punch a pinhole in a piece of paper and project it onto another surface, like a piece of paper. Completely safe viewing though not like viewing it directly.

Today we went to the marine supply store and the grocery store in anticipation of going for a sail tomorrow. We waited out the last set of potential tropical weather systems and things look good for the next few days. In the meantime we fixed our shower sump pump, changed the fuel filter and added some waterproofing to the shore power cable. Systems are looking good, or at least good enough to head out for a few days. Hopefully we will finally get to Culebra Island.

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