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The Chakras

Now throughout your life, God, or your higher self has been dishing out these little bits of guidance to you, and depending on what you do with it will dictate whether or not you get any more. God will keep handing out those doses of enlightenment until you use them the wrong way, or even if you don’t use them at all. God wants to see what you can do with it, God wants to see what your true potential is, and who really knows as a society what our true potential is, we sure as hell don’t. – Winston Branko Churchill

Winston understood the gift, what did he do with his enlightenment?

Kundalini is a powerful psychological energy. It has been recognized for a long time. The Hindus described it long before Christ was born and so is now recognized as spiritual phenomenon. It is described as a potential energy coiled at the base of your spine like a snake, a personal power laying dormant, waiting for the right conditions to be released. Carl Jung understood the relationship between Kundalini and western understanding of psychology. The effect on humans is real.

In Hindu understanding, to reach its full potential your Kundalini energy must rise through your spine up to your head. This can only happen if your 7 chakras have been opened. Then you experience a great understanding and connection with the universe. In Eastern interpretation, Kundalini is what gives rise to genius, to great wisdom and understanding, to absolute contentment.

To achieve this involves extensive training. It takes years of study and meditation under a guide, or guru. However, in rare individuals it can happen spontaneously, a great and dangerous power poured into a psyche unexpectedly. An unprepared mind can be greatly disturbed by this surge of energy. A Kundalini Awakening can be a gift from God or a curse from the Devil.

During a particularly intense meditation exercise Winston experienced a strange and profound transition in awareness. Later he became convinced that he had experienced a Kundalini Awakening. At the time it was unexpected and unprecedented, he had no idea what had happened to him or how to cope with it. But his life had changed forever. His awakening had given rise to the demons.




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