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Alum Rock Park Hike

Overlooking Silicon Valley

So here’s a good one… My company flew me out to San Jose, CA, to attend an important all-day meeting. When I showed up this morning, the women handing out the passes at the desk in front of the auditorium, also known as “the gatekeepers,” or perhaps, “the Nazgul,” informed me my name was not on the list and then promptly ignored me like I wasn’t standing there. I couldn’t even ask a question! I had flown out from Colorado and was being snubbed like I was a groupie outside a swank nightclub. From my own company! Well, whatever, it was on their dime, not mine. And yes, I checked, I’m still employed…

Anyway, whatever. I wasn’t going to waste the day so I went on a hike in Alum Rock Park on the east side of Silicon Valley, about 9 miles from where I was staying. California is a monument to contrasts and this was no exception. Less than ten miles from the unending crowds and congestion is wide open wilderness. The weather was fantastic, far too hot actually, probably 90 degrees. An hour hike takes you up what would be a foothill in Colorado, but with a very nice view of San Jose and the rest of the valley south of San Francisco, pictured above (not my photo).

Not one other person on the trail all day!

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