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Cayo Enrique, Puerto Rico

Thunderstorm Building near La Parguera

Today we left the marina at Puerto Real after having been in dock for a month. The Pescaderia Marina was excellent and the people fantastic. However, it wasn’t exactly my kind of place mainly because it was difficult to walk around the little town of Puerto Real. Just about every house had a dog that would charge the fence barking as you walked past. You also couldn’t safely walk out of the town because there were only two narrow, busy highway-type roads and neither had a sidewalk OR enough room to walk on grass beside the road. The only (safe) way in or out of town was in a car or on a bike, and I wouldn’t exactly call biking on those roads safe.

We left this morning and motored south past Boqueron and then around Cabo Rojo, the southwest corner of Puerto Rico, in dead calm air. As we rounded the corner, the sea once again became clear turquoise, you could see forty feed down to the bottom. We found a free mooring in the reefs off the little town of La Parguera to hang out and snorkel for a couple of days.

So far this is a great mooring, you can hear the waves break on the reef and it’s very calm. We haven’t snorkeled yet but the reef is supposed to be pretty good for that. The great thing about being on a mooring or anchored is that the boat swings to point into the breeze, letting you scoop the air through the deck hatches and giving you constant airflow, very comfortable in the tropical heat here.

Hey, we are in the Caribbean!

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

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